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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

New chip when the existing chip is not readable anymore

When injecting a new chip when the old one is no longer readable, a document “Vervanging paspoort – Remplacement du passeport” be completed by the veterinarian and he must give a new passport to the responsible of the dog. In order to avoid that the same dog is registered twice with two different chip numbers, the veterinarian must also indicate the old chip number and check the box “chip onleesbaar – chip illisible on the document “Vervanging paspoort – Remplacement du passeport”. In this case, DogID will register the new chip number for this dog as the primary identification (appears on the web site in the search result). The old chip number remains registered and can be found back in the history of the dog. If the veterinarian doesn’t mention the old chip number, DogID will create a second registration in the database (there is no possibility to link the two chip numbers without the information of the veterinarian).

Change of owner without the white card of the final certificate

When the white card is used for notifying a change of responsible of the dog, the change is immediately executed. When this white card is no longer in the possession, a change of a responsible can also be reported to DogID in the following way:

  • A written, dated and by the current and new responsible signed request, or with the guarantee certificate.
  • A change of responsible (except for the refuges, see below) can be requested via the veterinary or the new responsible. After receipt of the request, DogID will send a message to the current responsible. Without a signed and dated counter notice of the latter, and after a waiting period of 10 working days, the change will be executed.
  • A request for a change of responsible through a refuge (dog coming in or leaving) is executed immediately if this request is confirmed by the 9ZE document with the HK number of the refuge or with the white card when it concerns an outgoing dog that was already identified under the name of the refuge.
  • A request for a change of responsible coming from a breeder with an HK number is executed immediately when it concerns an outgoing dog and if the request is confirmed by a written message (mail, fax) with indication of the HK number or is made with a signed guarantee certificate. If the dog comes back to the breeder, the classical procedure for a change of responsible (with letter to the current responsible) is applied.

Responsibility for reporting changes regarding the dog

The current dog responsible (seller…) is always responsible for reporting, to DogID, using the white card, change of address, change of dog’s responsible or the decease of the dog.

Important when ordering documents

Ordering of documents can be done by mailing an order form to the BP 20000 of DogID or online through our web site The order form can be downloaded via our web site. When using the order form, it is important that all requested information is filled out completely and correctly. The payment must be made with the precise amount and should, as reference, mention your veterinary association number, preceded by an 'F' or a 'N'. A correct and complete association number is essential in the automatic processing of your order and payment. The absence of data or incomplete data leads inevitably to delays in the delivery or to the impossibility to process the order. Documents can also be ordered online via our website and paid with Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact or Bank transfer. Since the processing of the data and the payment happens fully automatically, we recommend using this method. It is the fastest way and it avoids delays due to missing or incomplete data.

Distribution of a duplicate of a passport

The new Royal Decree of April the 25th 2014 determines the use of the document « Replacement of passport » for the distribution of duplicates of the de passports by the veterinarians. This procedure is also applicable for the dogs registered before the 7th of June 2004. 

The payment of the documents in case of a company (veterinary office, cooperation with a breeder)

When ordering the documents for the registration and identification of dogs, the data on the debit note may differ from the coordinates of the veterinary who orders the documents. The address and data of the invoice and the document for the imposition of the regional tax can be adapted on the ordering documents. The invoice and the document for the imposition of the regional tax will then be made on these coordinates and not on those of the veterinarian who ordered under his name.

The management (ordering, usage) of the documents in a veterinary office or an association of veterinarians

DogID must ensure the traceability of the documents for registration and identification of dogs. It is possible to meet this requirement thanks to the registration of « groups » (concept that encompasses legal type of association - societies, … - or others) to DogID. If you work in a veterinary office or if you want to report a link with another of your colleagues (association or any other form of cooperation) , you are asked to report in writing (by mail, fax, letter) to DogID the membership numbers of the veterinarian society, making part of this « group ». As a result, we will record this group and all the changes that you report to us (addition or withdrawal of a group member). The advantage of this is that the documents for registration and identification of dogs can be used interchangeably by the members of the Group (and not only in connection with the veterinarian who ordered the documents in his name).